Hello, I'm Eva

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A bookish student decided to make her fantasy come to life. She dipped her toes into the demimonde, and never looked back.

I’ve always been a bit unconventional — and if you're the kind of person to seek me out, perhaps you enjoy marching to the beat of your own drum, as well. I’ve backpacked across remote mountains, gotten published in an academic journal, and skinny-dipped in both the Pacific and the Atlantic. It started as a curious venture in unconventional pleasure and older men (and women -- I've always been bisexual), and so far, I have been enjoying every moment of it.

As a lifelong lover of words and a student of literature, I revel in creating and sharing wor(l)ds with another person. I love nothing more than than dry humor, wits, and playful banter. A conversation, of course, consists of much more than just spoken words. I want to know what you crave -- cerebrally as well as carnally. As someone who puts much thought into her communication, I assure that our time together will always be exhilarating. Caring, empathetic, and affectionate, I adore making my friends smile.

I make an excellent confidant for gentlemen and ladies that crave exciting no-strings-attached connections that are yet authentic and genuine. If you’ve made it this far, let’s get talking.




Fun Facts

I am: liberal arts college educated / literary critic by training / reluctant (ontological) materialist / punk rock fan

In my spare time, I: practice yoga/ write essays/ make art/ (try to) make the world a happier place

I crave: Pinot Noir / Sushi / Mediterranean cuisine/ Kisses / Kindness / Unmentionable Subjects

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