April was an interesting month.

I have spoken about this in more detail with certain friends, but in short — in late March, a person of much importance to me was suddenly no longer in my life. I won’t wax on about the precarity of interconnectedness and its philosophical meanings here, but understandably, the event caused me some pain.

One of the great misconceptions about the demimonde is that companions do not derive any type of genuine enjoyment out of our connections. Not only is this misconception exploited by many in the policy making process to hurt us, it contributes to the stigma that companions and their suitors face in the wider society.

And yet, my friends helped lift my spirits — and feel again — after the event in my personal life.

The friends I spent time with in April let me experiment (in more ways than one), laugh until I was out of breath, immerse myself in beauty, and eat a lot of good food. I won’t elaborate on my adventures out of respect for their privacy, but I was genuinely happy every second that I spent time with them. By the time May came, the gray cloud over my head was gone.

Isn’t it astounding how healing the human connections that we build in this world are?

I’m writing here to thank all the wonderful friends with whom I have had the privilege to spend time. I often am told that my presence is healing and restorative. But sometimes, it goes both ways. Sometimes, I find your presence restorative. Thank you.

Eva Faye