It's the Fourth! It's the Fourth!

I took time off on the Fourth of July to host an impromptu barbeque party with friends and watch the fireworks. Ever since I was a child, I've always loved watching fireworks on Independence Day. I'm quite a visual person, so the cacophony of colors and shapes juxtaposed with the clear, dark sky mesmerizes me. And although I recognize that this country is riddled with serious historical and contemporary social and economic problems, standing alongside my beloved friends of various ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, and religions, I felt honored to be surrounded by such a diverse and different group of people, that I surely would not have met had my forefathers decided not to migrate. That, I think, is what makes America quintessentially America -- our diversity.

But back to the fireworks. Over the years (all of the short 22 years that I've lived on this planet), I have learned that fireworks don't only exist on the night sky on July 4th. When two lovers' eyes meet, sometimes the only word sufficient to describe the feeling that sparks between them is fireworks. Your eyes may not be bursting in red, white, and blue, but the indescribable feeling is the same.

And dear reader, I want to experience fireworks with you.

Eva Faye