New Year

Happy new year! I suppose it would be the time for a bit of a reflection…

1. Around this time last year, I was in the midst of a couple of existential crises (aren't we always, on the other hand?). Ever since I’ve seriously fallen in love with literature and its complexities, I’ve always imagined myself somewhere in an old Gothic building, researching and debating and living a life of the mind.

Then something happened that made me question that idea of my future: the value of my work, of literature, of the ethics of confining oneself in the ivory tower. I’ve discussed this in much detail with trusted friends, so I won’t repeat it here. I still believe that the life of the mind has much merit. However, I’ve gradually came to detest the idea of the public/academic dichotomy that dominates certain spaces. I want to work with, not on.

I still have not made a decision on whether I should make my way back to the academia. What I can say for certain, however, is that the past couple of months have been absolutely amazing. I’ve begun to feel like my work has some tangible positive impact in the world. I’ve met so many interesting and fascinating people that I otherwise would not have. I’ve been around more artists than I’ve ever been in my life, and perhaps some of their creative energy is rubbing off on me — get ready for something cool, maybe.

2. On the name — ah, the name. No, please. Please still call me Eva. Miss or ma'am if you're nasty.
A little backstory: my moniker was very hastily decided when I entered the world. I use the passive tense, because I did not have full control over the process, as I started out with an agency. Over time, I’ve grown attached to the first part of the nom de guerre (ou, amour?), mostly thanks to the wonderful men who’ve been calling me Eva, but not so much with the latter half. Here's a new year, new me.

And hey, Chungking Express is one of my favorite movies.

3. I’ve hit the point in my research where now most remaining parts are analysis and putting together a shiny new report and presentation for public consumption. Most of this work can, of course, be done remotely.

Psst - San Francisco, old friend, I’m coming your way.

Eva Faye