On Top of a Hill

I’m writing this post on top of a hill — literally. I’ve decided to escape the summer heat for a while in San Francisco while I sort out my thoughts. I’ve decided to share them with you.

It’s become almost customary for companions to speak of their education, so I’ll spare you the grueling details. I skipped a grade in elementary school, did well on the SAT, and received my bachelor’s at a (here I go — wincing) prestigious liberal arts college. The life of the mind. Dusty books and seminars. That sort of a thing.

I’ve decided that learning isn’t all about books, and that I need to reorient some of my focus from the 19th century to the present world. So I’m taking some time off school. I’m applying for fellowships that will allow me to cultivate meaningful changes in disadvantaged communities, meeting interesting people (hopefully of which one will be you, dear reader), making a couple of mistakes, traveling, and living.

Learning is not all about books. Sometimes, you learn through people watching in Haight Ashbury. A rainy morning. Wandering through the streets in dusk. A lover’s touch. This summer, find me in San Francisco.

Eva Faye