Two Quick Updates

1. I haven't been able to write on here as much as I would've liked. One would think I'd get tired of writing after struggling with it so much in my vanilla life. Sadly, it seems that writing -- or, words, more generally -- still remains quite a vice for me.

On that note, I've received some comments on my writing, and while most of them were positive and encouraging (thank you!), I want to take this space to address a small, personal concern of mine. I'm so acquainted with academic writing that I sometimes worry that I come off as pretentious or arrogant. I think there's much social and cultural capital attached to formal education, despite the delusion of a classless society so prevalent in the U.S. I write boringly not because I want to allude to a certain social or class marker, but because my brain has been trapped in the soul-sucking trap known as the academia for so long that writing boringly comes naturally to me. I don't talk like this in person, I promise. :)

"That was definitely not an update, Eva. Where is the real update?"

2. I will be taking a short break starting from August til September 1st, to spend time with friends and family, to step foot in parts of the world that I've always wanted to visit, to calibrate my energy and focus, and to catch up on some research that I had been (shamefully) neglecting over the summer. Conference season is on its way, and I need to act like a productive citizen once again. So if you'd like to actually get together with me and debate whether literary criticism truly counts as productive work, you'd better hurry up and catch me now.

Eva Lai