Very, Very Short Note on Books

My friends know very well that I have a particular passion for books. I started reading at three and haven't stopped since. 

Lately, I've been thinking about the kind of books that I have been reading and came to the conclusion that I needed to expand the breadth of my knowledge. What fun is there to learning, if I do not challenge myself with controversial works? That's why I decided to add books to my wishlist. Here's the catch: these are books that, if not gifted, I probably wouldn't seek out of my volition.  

I'm starting with Francis Fukuyama and Harold Bloom. Fukuyama -- I have very mixed feelings about The End of History, perhaps his most famous work. Harold Bloom is one of the most controversial writers in my field. I find him scathing and tenacious, not only in his critiques but also in the kind of language he employs. Perhaps I'll change my impressions. Perhaps not -- but I'd be a more informed critic.

And as always, if you, dear reader, have a book that you'd like to share with me during our rendezvous, I'd love that also!

Eva Faye