+ How do I get in touch with you?

I prefer email (evafaye@protonmail.com) for initial contact. Please fill out the quick screening form on my website for our mutual safety. I do not see any new friend without screening. Please keep in mind that I am employed full-time, and thus have limited time for this venture. For this reason, I am forced to keep my circle small and turn many suitors away. Thus, I'm not able to accommodate same-day requests. Inquiry without sufficient information will be discarded.

+ How will you be dressed for our meeting?

I have a minimalist yet feminine style and dress accordingly to any event and venue. I usually wear a sleek dress or a feminine top and skirt or pants with something titillating underneath. Discretion is my priority, as is yours. I tend to turn heads in public, but never for inappropriate attire. If you have any particular request for an outfit, please let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate. You are also welcome to bring to our date anything that you'd like me to privately model for your eyes only.

+ Why haven't you responded to my inquiry?

Most likely because you haven't included sufficient screening information in your initial email or submission. Can't chase you without knowing who you are!

In rare cases, my overactive spam folder might have eaten up your perfectly well-written, thoughtful, and informative inquiry containing all the necessary screening information as specified on my booking form. If you suspect that this is the case, please feel free to send me another email reminding me of your initial inquiry. I check my spam folder once every couple of days or so.

If it's been less than 24 hours since you have submitted an inquiry, please give me some time to get back to you. Like you, I'm gainfully employed and enjoy a full social life. It might take a bit longer to get back to you on weekends and holidays. For this reason, I recommend planning ahead and giving me ample notice.

+ Do you see people with disabilities?

Of course! Let me know of any accommodation needs beforehand to make our meeting as comfortable and fun as possible. Because my regular incall is not wheelchair-accessible, I would be happy to waive the hotel fee for suitors that use wheelchairs or otherwise require an accessible incall. I'm intimately acquainted with friends on the autism/Asperger's spectrum, and while I regrettably do not know ASL beyond a few basic words, my lips are easily readable.

+ How about women or couples? Can you bring a girlfriend?

Absolutely. As a bisexual woman, I love pleasing another woman, and I make a fun third to couples of any gender. I do request that all parties are informed of having me over and that I have the opportunity to screen and speak to both of you separately, as informed consent is the start to everything fun!

I am also happy to bring one of my several beautiful girlfriends for an unforgettable ménage à trois. Check out my hot girlfriends! As they say -- three really is better than two. If you already have another companion in mind, I'd be happy to join your party as well. Please inform both of us beforehand so we can get an opportunity to communicate before our date.

+ Do you discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or religion?

I'm sorry that you even have to ask this question. The simple answer is no. Having been blessed with exposure to many different cultures growing up, I find that race, ethnicity, or religion are not barriers to compatibility. If you think we'll be a good match, do not hesitate to reach out, no matter from which part of the world your ancestors hail or your religious belief.

+ What can I expect from our meeting?

Each and every one of my experiences is bespoke and genuine, and if there is one thing that I am absolutely terrible at, it is following (non-role play) scripts -- boring! Things that I enjoy, however: seducing, building up, light teasing, flirting, your fingertips tracing the sides of my curves, getting lost in your eyes...

My friends speak highly of my talents at carrying on interesting conversations, making them feel right at home, and exploring mutual fun. If all of that and a bit of experimentation sound fantastic to you, we will get along well.

+ What payment methods do you accept?

I prefer to be compensated in cash, and the vast majority of my friends find this option to be the most discreet and convenient. Deposits and cancellation fees, however, can be made via Bitcoin, Giftrocket, Venmo, or Circle Pay.

Although I prefer cash, I realize that credit cards or Bitcoin may be preferable in certain circumstances, including prepayments. If this is the case, please let me know beforehand.

+ Any likes/dislikes?

I like many, and dislike few. I love watching the rain with a cup of hot coffee. Animals (that aren't cockroaches!), kindness of strangers, dry humor, experimental film, punk rock, and the smile of my lover, of course, also make the list.

If you haven't been able to tell already, I very much dislike cockroaches, but not as much as I dislike boundary pushing and rudeness. Mutual respect is the absolute standard.

+ How do you feel about... certain kinks?

Most of my dates are not especially kinky in nature. That said, I'm fabulously open-minded; chances are, I'm familiar with your fantasy! In plays involving power exchange, I play as a switch. I'm comfortable as a harsh yet responsive top with a penchant for dominating your mind, or a bratty bottom who needs to be put into her place. Whether you are a seasoned kinkster or a curious wanderer, you are welcome to inquire after screening, as long as you refrain from explicit language. I will send you a brief questionnaire to gauge our mutual interests. Please be advised that there is a 2 hour minimum for kinky dates, as I take boundary negotiation and aftercare very seriously.

Please read this page and this page before inquiring me regarding kinky matters!

+ Are you reference-friendly?

Yes! I would be happy to vouch for those that I have seen within the last 6 months. If the last time we have seen each other exceeds the time frame, I respectfully ask that you seek out another provider whom you have seen more recently, or become verified through another method.

+ Can I bring you a gift?

Gifts are never expected or required. If you’d so insist on surprising me with a gift, however, I have a penchant for beautiful lingerie (30E or 32C/D bra, XS bottoms; [I also have a lingerie wishlist here if you'd like to take a peek), flowers (daisies and daffodils are my favorite), books of poetry or nonfiction, generous donations to Casa Ruby (supporting homeless LGBTQ teens) or Peace Over Violence (supporting survivors of domestic violence), or books to incarcerated sex workers through SWOP Behind Bars.

+ When are you coming to [insert city or hamlet name here]?

Due to certain changes in my life, I no longer tour regularly. Please come to New York to see me, or fly me to you!

+ Coke or pepsi?

Coke, hands down.