Gal Pals

As a bisexual woman, I enjoy the touch of women as much as I enjoy that of men. Here are a couple of beautiful women that I love to play with... (and am friends with!)

Gemma Song (SF/NY)

I am in love with this witty, brilliant babe with the body of a goddess! Gemma can ignite a fire inside me like no other. Together, we make a dynamic duo at the dinner table and behind closed doors. Come play with us.

Josie Qu (Chicago)

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Let this sexy chef enrapture your stomach, mind, and body. Warning: Josie is addictive -- I should know!

Li-Mei (NY)

Delicate and feminine, Li-Mei is the quintessential ballerina with a hint of naughty underneath. Not only am I drawn to her beauty, I find her mind (a sexy mathematician? swoon) just as intoxicating. Be the hypotenuse in our Pythagorean Theorem.

Yves Noble (SF/Hong Kong)

I'm so lucky to know this statuesque model. Whip-smart, sensual, with a body that deserves to be worshiped and eyes that pierce into one's heart, Yves has captivated me completely. Come witness the explosive chemistry that we have together.


Jade Wang (NY)

At first glance, this Catholic-raised classical beauty comes off as sweet and elegant. Spending more time with Jade, you realize that she's all that -- and more (and yes, she does have a wicked sense of humor!). Jade and I play so well together because we're both bubbling with naughty ideas underneath our seemingly-sweet surfaces. How about a sleepover? We will leave you breathless all night.

And of course, any of the hot kinky ladies at The Art of Submission (NY)