Gal Pals

As a bisexual woman, I enjoy the touch of women as much as I enjoy that of men. Here are a couple of beautiful women that I love to play with... (and am friends with!)

Gemma Song (SF/NY)

I am in love with this witty, brilliant babe with the body of a goddess! Gemma can ignite a fire inside me like no other. Together, we make a dynamic duo at the dinner table and behind closed doors. Come play with us.

Josie Qu (Chicago)

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Let this sexy chef enrapture your stomach, mind, and body. Warning: Josie is addictive -- I should know!

Li-Mei (NY)

Delicate and feminine, Li-Mei is the quintessential ballerina with a hint of naughty underneath. Not only am I drawn to her beauty, I find her mind (a sexy mathematician? swoon) just as intoxicating. Be the hypotenuse in our Pythagorean Theorem.


Jade Wang (NY)

At first glance, this Catholic-raised classical beauty comes off as sweet and elegant. Spending more time with Jade, you realize that she's all that -- and more (and yes, she does have a wicked sense of humor!). Jade and I play so well together because we're both bubbling with naughty ideas underneath our seemingly-sweet surfaces. How about a sleepover? We will leave you breathless all night.

And of course, any of the hot kinky ladies at The Art of Submission (NY)